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Looking For a Dinosaur Cake Idea?

It’s make a dino Monday and today I’m going with a picture based approach. One thing that I get asked quite a lot is what the best dinosaur cake ideas out there are. Most commonly this question comes from friends who know that I am both a dinosaur fiend and a baker – well at least cake, cupcake and cookie baker. This is something of a personal preference type of question though, but in my infinite web searching for dinosaur goodness I have come across some great dinosaur cake ideas. Take a look at ten of my favorites…

Dinosaur Cake Idea #1: A Sparkly Blue Stegosaurus-Like Cake

Dinosaur Cake Idea #1: Stegosaurus Cake

Image Thanks to Chris Glass’ Website

Sure, this Stegosaurus like dino is blue and glittery, but it’s still a cute idea for a sculpted dinosaur cake if you’re up for the challenge of sculpting cake! Make sure to take a look at Chris’s website where he shares the story behind the cake.

Dinosaur Cake Idea #2: A Sauropod, Theropod and Caveman Cake Idea

Dinosaur Cake Idea #2: Twin Dinosaur Cake

Image thanks to StudioCake

This dinosaur cake idea is a great one for twins or just for those who love Sauropods and Theropods both! Okay, so it’s not periodically accurate but the cavemen give this cake a little personalization and if you’re a stickler for the facts then just leave them out! Make sure you take a look at some more of Studio Cake’s amazing cake designs.

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #3: Theropod Cake Topper

Dinosaur Cake Idea #3: Party Like a Theropod

Image Courtesy of Nikki’s Just Sugar Art

I found this cake on Nikki’s Just Sugar Art website. Nikki makes cake toppers like the Tyrannosaurus Rex on top of this cake. While the cake topper is cute and cartoony for younger kids, I was more attracted to the placement of fondant dinosaurs around the cake base. This is a pretty good idea for those of you like me who are not ready to take on cake sculpture. In love with the cake topper? Take a look at Nikki’s Just Sugar Art website.

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #4: Tyrannosaurus Rex Cake Diorama

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #4: Dinosaur Diorama Cake

Image Courtesy of JellyCake

I really love this Tyrannosaurus Rex cake idea because it has the artsy look that many great dinosaur cake ideas have but it also has a little more of a scientific appearance and less of a cartoony appearance. This is one of my favorite dinosaur cakes. Take a look at some more of the amazing cakes made by JellyCake.

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #5: Sculpted Tyrannosaurus Rex Cake

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #5: Tyrannosaurus Rex Sculpture Cake

Image Courtesy of Layers of Love

Another Tyrannosaurus Rex cake idea and this one is a large sculpted cake. It’s a cartoony but cute T-Rex cake that is sure to get the attention of party goers and please the birthday boy/girl but while I think it’s cute, I’d rather see a Parasaurolophus! Take a look at more cakes from Layers of Love.

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #6: Dinosaur Wedding Cake

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #6: Dinosaur Wedding Cake

Image Courtesy of BayShore Cakes

When The Doctor and I get married I will do everything in my power to convince him that this is the most awesome dinosaur wedding cake idea ever…because it is. This is a clean dinosaur cake design with the specimens being painted directly on to the cake so if you’re not talented with sculpture but are talented with drawing then this is the cake for you! Have I mentioned that I LOVE this one? Take a look at some of the other amazing wedding cake designs from BayShore Cakes.

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #7: Dinosaur Excavation Cake

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #7: Dinosaur Excavation Cake

Image Courtesy of Smarter Daily Deal

This is a cute and unique dinosaur cake idea for those true paleontologists at heart. This chocolate excavation themed cake is perfect for dinosaur bone lovers and switching out dinosaur species is easier than ever with this cake! Take a look at some more of Donna Hay’s cake designs at Smarter Daily Deal.

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #8:Carnivore Meal Time Cake

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #8: Carnivore Dinner Time Cake

Image Courtesy of Richmond Dental Clinic

Not a dinosaur cake for the weak of heart and probably not the youngest of your family members, this cake depicts carnivore meal time in cake! A great sculpted dinosaur cake this one is certain to thrill party goers but be prepared to put a lot of hours in to designing and sculpting!

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #9: Triceratops Sculpted Cake Idea

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #9: Triceratops Cake Idea

Image Courtesy of Debbie Bone

This is a cute “Triceratops” cake although technically it depicts an extra horny Triceratops – get your mind out of the gutter. I love this sculpted cake though because it depicts a non-Tyrannosaurus Rex and you don’t see that everyday! Take a look at some more of Debbie Bone’s work at her website.

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #10: Sculpted Stegosaurus Cake Idea

 Dinosaur Cake Idea #10:  Stegosaurus Sculpted Cake

Image Courtesy of Cakes Decor

This has to be my favorite sculpted dinosaur cake because it’s beautifully sculpted, nicely colored and more scientific than cartoony. This one will take a lot of man hours and talent to complete but the look on party goers faces will definitely be worth it! The only thing I’m not a fan of? The bones beside this herbivore. Find another great dinosaur cake idea at Cakes Decor.

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