Make a Dinosaur Diorama

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Build a Dinosaur Diorama

Dinosaur Diorama

Dinosaur dioramas are a fun way to make your own little dinosaur scene and whether you’re 3 or 33 you can have plenty of fun with this project. Choose your favorite dinosaur, pick your setting and you’re ready to go!

Customize Your Dinosaur Diorama

One of the best things about building a dinosaur diorama is that you get to customize yours to your own specifications. You pick your background, you pick your “flooring”, you pick your scenery and you pick your favorite dinosaur too!

Ingredients for your Dinosaur Diorama

A shoe box

A magazine


Rocks / Aquarium Decorations / Leaves / Dirt/Sand

A small plastic dinosaur or two

Paints if you desire

How to Build Your Dinosaur Diorama

Stand your shoebox with the top opening facing towards you, this is how your diorama will sit when it’s completed.

Using your magazine, find images or background patterns that you like and paste them to the back of the shoebox to create a background for your dinosaur diorama. If you prefer not to use magazine pieces you can also use your paints to paint your own background.

Using pebbles, dirt, sand or leaves, create a base for your dinosaur to stand on. You can use a combination of these items to create a diverse base.

Next you want to create an environment for your dinosaur, you can do this using rocks, aquarium decorations or anything else you can find to give your diorama a little character!

Take your small plastic dinosaur and using glue place your dinosaur within the diorama and firmly glue it to the floor. If you are a fan of herbivores you can even create a herd of them in a beautiful setting.

Take a look at this video on making a dinosaur diorama!

How to Make a Dinosaur Diorama — powered by ehow

Want to add a little something special? Try using saran wrap to create a river and rocks to create a cave inside your dinosaur diorama.

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