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A Free Dinosaur Knitting Pattern Is Great For Gift Ideas

If you are like most people then money is tight this year and the thought of the holidays looming ever closer is a little worrying. Today’s make a dino Monday project is a good way to get a jump start on an affordable gift for the dinosaur lover in your life. Not only does a free dinosaur knitting pattern eliminate some of the cost of gift giving but it also means that you are making a gift from the heart.

This Free Dinosaur Knitting Pattern is From Knitted Dinosaurs by Tina Barrett, published by STC Craft

Free Dinosaur Knitting Pattern: Knitted Dinosaurs by Tina Barrett

I have to admit that I am a knitter, there is something that not only relaxes me about knitting but also something that inspires me when I can see my progress. That said, I have never tried my hand at anything that is not remotely scarf-shaped. When I saw this Knitted Dinosaurs book by Tina Barrett I had to share though because some of you out there may have a little more than scarf shaped talent. Those of you who do, or who are willing to test your knitting ability can try it out with this free PDF pattern from Tina Barrett for her knitted Stegosaurus.

Why I Won’t Be Trying This Free Dinosaur Knitting Pattern Just Yet

While I love to knit, I simply have not been able to make the time to do so for far too long. This means that not only am I out of practice, but it also means that I have not had the chance to try my luck at non-scarf shaped items. I hope someday to be able to venture in to the realm of three dimensional knitting, but for now I’ll leave that to the more experienced of you out there.

If you try this free dinosaur knitting pattern, leave a comment and share your pictures below!

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